Telling Island Stories

The Telling Island Stories project is a collaborative community digitization and economic development project spearheaded by the Robertson Library with support from the Government of Prince Edward Island's Rural Broadband Fund and strengthened by its partnership with the Community Access Program's (CAP) Island Narratives Project.  

Embodying technical and economic development innovation Island Stories represents a unique community contribution and discovery tool for Prince Edward Island's rich material history. Uniquely the Island Stories community portal will enable the contribution and curation of historic materials by community members.  Islanders and visitors alike will be able to discover these same materials using the Telling Island Stories iPad application. The presentation and geographic association of these historic materials with their communities of origin will enhance their discoverability, increase cultural tourism whilst reaffirming the undeniable efficacy of digital preservation.

Telling Island Stories will draw on the existing archive of books, reports, letters, diaries and other print material produced by and about PEI. Much of the identified material to be digitized for this collection will come from the collections of the Robertson Library, Public Library Service branches, and Public Archives and Records Office of PEI. However, partnership opportunities with other community, cultural and heritage organizations are desirable. In some cases, where important documents are out of print, the system will provide a special "print on demand" service.

If you have content, questions or constructive feedback you can reach us using our contact form. Enjoy!